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About Dopharma

In 2019 Dopharma purchased the Coophavet brand and marketing authorizations from Boehringer Ingelheim. Coophavet is a well-known brand in many countries and therefore it will be remained.

Building on its success in France, the company also exported its goods and services internationally to several continents in the 1990s. Today the Coophavet range of Dopharma France is part of the therapeutic and nutritional arsenal of veterinarians in production animal sectors in more than 60 countries. The products are distributed by a solid network of Dopharma subsidiaries, exclusive distributors and historical agents.

With the current portfolio of about 800 approvals in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, the range meets the most diverse and demanding regulatory requirements. We also keep a close eye on the changing demands of farms of all types and various sizes, so the veterinarian’s toolbox meets the requirements at all times. The quality of the products and their relevance are assets of choice, known and recognized by the professionals in the field and led by our representatives.

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