is a French private laboratory created in 1966 in Saint-Herblon, in the North West of France.

In 1997, COOPHAVET became a subsidiary fully owned by Merial. The Merial group is a leading international company for animal health.

Fully and solely dedicated to livestock and poultry pharmaceutical production, our current expertise focuses on:
  • R&D
  • Registration
  • Manufacturing
  • Toll manufacturing
  • Distribution

COOPHAVET has developed registration files according to European and International standards:
  • 131 French registered products,
  • 71 internationally registered products in 60 countries

coophavet site

The manufacturing premises are located on 8,000 m2 buildings within an 8 hectares property.

Flexible equipments have been designed to elaborate different galenic forms, such as for the year 2011:
  • 647 tons of oral powder
  • 770 000 litres of liquid
  • 412 000 litres of injectables
  • 20 tons of sterile pastes (intramammary syringes)
  • 24 tons of other pastes

labo coophavet
labo coophavet

A specialized staff manufactures products whilst keeping in line with the Good Manufacturing Practices.
The site is certified GMP. It is annually checked by the AFSSA and regularly audited by several private organizations.
Staff dedicated to Quality Control and Quality Insurance counts for 15% of the total workforce.
Raw materials are selected to respect the European Pharmacopea in order to ensure the origin and conformity. From raw materials to finished products every batch is systematically checked to guarantee consistently high levels of quality.

Coophavet constantly invests in:
  • Premises and environment to fulfill the strict French and European regulations
  • Manufacturing facilities to foresee the numerous evolutions of the GMP

Coophavet also takes special care with staff training. Every year specific programs take place in order to improve performance and security.
labo coophavet

We provide more than 100 products, all manufactured on the Coophavet site in Saint Herblon. Our therapeutic portfolio includes:


  • Liquid form such as TRISULMIX LIQUID (sulfadimethoxin, trimethoprim association)
  • Water soluble powder such as SUANOVIL 50 or BELCOSPIRA ORAL (spiramycin and spiramycin + colistin)
  • Injectable form such as VIRGOCILLINE (colistin)

Anti Inflammatory

  • Injectable form such as DEXACORTYL/DEXALONE (dexamethasone) or GENIXINE (flunixin)
  • Powder form such as ASPIRINE 50 COOPHAVET (acetylsalycilic acid)


  • Liquid form such as HEPARENOL (sorbitol, betain, choline)
  • Powder form such as PHOSRETIC (phosphoric acid, ETAP)


  • Liquid form such as AMPROL 12% (amprolium)


  • Liquid disinfectants such as PROPHYL (phenols), NEBUTOL (ammonium+glutaraldehyde)

Dedicated to Livestock and Poultry production:


COOPHAVET not only distributes its own range of products in France and overseas, but it also organises contract manufacturing activities.


COOPHAVET collaborates with experts as well as a professional network of representatives and exclusive distributors in more than 40 countries. These countries are mainly based in Europe, Maghreb, Middle-East, Asia and Africa.

world map

Our permanent concern is to choose the right molecule, formula and concentration to provide you with effective, stable and practical medicines.

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